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Succeeding in the Toughest Thermoset Plastics Applications

For tough applications that call for thermoset plastics, Dickten Masch Plastics delivers a combination of advanced thermoset molding techniques and expertise that ensure your success.

Turn to DMP for great-looking, durable thermoset parts that can withstand high temperatures, heavy corrosion, conductivity, high touch and other challenging conditions.

Working with our team, you’ll discover a level of confidence that only a true thermoset industry leader of over 60 years can provide.

A Cleaner Thermoset Operation

The traditional thermoset process involves a lot of flash, which must be sanded off, creating a dusty environment of poor air quality.

Not in DMP’s facility. Here’s what you’ll find when you visit us:

  • Automated deflashing, often as part of a closed system
  • Vacuum systems on all machines
  • A clean, neat and organized facility at all times

A Smarter Supply Chain

DMP maintains close partnerships with material suppliers, vs. having in-house compounding services.

This approach not only allows us to be more flexible and responsive in applying the right material to your project, but also keeps us focused on what we do best: producing great thermoset parts.

Lean and Continuous Improvement

Adhering to the 6S lean process, including safety
Always looking proactively to apply our expertise in suggesting and implementing process and material improvements that will improve your product

Niche Market Expertise

  • Automotive. Components around the engine exposed to fuel, high temperatures and pressure. Parts that need dielectric properties and tight tolerances. CAM gears, fuel pumps, structural brackets, rocker covers and more.
  • Electrical. Parts with dielectric properties and high temperature resistance. Metal-to-thermoset plastic conversions. Housing bases, insulators, covers, diffusers, deflectors, cross bars, separators, line base/covers, filter cups, phase barriers, rotors, interrupters.
  • Foodservice. Temperature-resistant parts and clean, sterile production. Material selection and advanced processing are keys to success. Trays, drain adapters, food warmer parts, etc.
  • Healthcare. Hard, chemically resistant surfaces that stand up to constant abuse. Produced in a clean environment. Covers and enclosures to protect important equipment, handheld devices, large surfaces such as chairs and counter components. Learn more at Healthcare Case Study.

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