Healthcare Case Study

Thermoset Molding Case Study

The Company:

A dental office furniture and equipment manufacturer

The Challenge:

A longtime supplier for the company, one of the world’s largest dental equipment makers, was about to close its doors. The thermoset molder had been producing four thermoset components including the lighting cases for the company’s top-selling line of dental operatories.

The dental manufacturer needed to transfer the tools and get those parts up and running again quickly.

The Solution:

After scrutinizing several candidates, the company turned to Dickten Masch Plastics. We promptly began executing our proven tool transfer process, which includes an initial examination of sample parts as well as a full dimensional layout to make sure the tools match the fit, form and functional requirements of the part.

Leveraging our in-house tooling expertise, we worked through issues associated with the older tools and got them up and running quality parts fast.

The Advantage:

DMP’s materials expertise, as well as our relationships with top material suppliers, is proving to be a big benefit for this company. We’re now testing potential alternative materials for three of the four parts that will likely enhance batch consistency and maximize durability while lowering material costs.

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