Why Dickten Masch Plastics?

Dickten Masch Plastics: Our Expertise. Your Advantage.

In the big picture, every plastic part fulfills an end product. Every product fulfills a unique application. And every application must be fulfilled flawlessly and cost effectively.

That’s why, at Dickten Masch Plastics, we take a big-picture approach to every project we take on.

Working with our team gives you access to diverse experience in engineering, manufacturing, complex assemblies and project management that helps identify cost-cutting, time-saving, risk-reducing improvements throughout your product’s value stream.

All that knowhow gets applied to some of the most advanced materials, process, value-added operations and technologies available—whether in our world-class materials analysis lab, our high-quality tooling shop or our thermoplastics and thermoset facilities.

In this section, explore how our team’s broad perspective and fierce commitment translate to your greatest advantage, whatever the application.

The Right Material

The success of any product begins with one critical, complicated variable: the materials.

In the mold and as a finished part, every polymer reacts in its own way to additives, temperature variations, wear and tear, chemical exposure and other factors. Choosing the appropriate material for an application is a huge challenge that cannot be overlooked.

That’s why Dickten Masch Plastics’ Materials Analysis Lab is so valuable to so many customers. No other molder can match our world-class expertise and commitment in pinpointing just the right material for any given part and product—saving lots of time and money and improving quality.

Your materials and processes are further optimized through the application of our broad manufacturing perspective—including both thermoplastic and thermoset molding expertise.

We’ve been doing this for decades. And every day, the knowledge we continue to accumulate in our lab and on the shop floor translates into more effective material selection, tool design, processing and finishing for our customers’ products.

A Smarter Process

In plastics molding, delays and mistakes can mean crucial days and dollars lost.

At Dickten Masch Plastics, we know how to get it right from the start. We have the technical expertise, creativity and dedication it takes to identify a material and implement a process all the way through final assembly that’s ideal for your application—one that maximizes quality and speed while minimizing defects and downtime.

Leveraging an approach called scientific molding and related methodologies, our engineering team develops a reliable, repeatable molding process, regardless of technological variables.

All aspects undergo close scrutiny, including part design, tooling and material selection. During production, we use state-of-the-art tools—including eDart process control and dielectric cure sensing—to go inside the mold and monitor what’s happening to the material at all times.

It’s all part of the broader perspective you only get by working with us. And the result isn’t just a smarter process, but stronger, better products all around.

Discover more about Dickten Masch Plastics’ thermoplastics and thermoset processing technologies.

Maximum Efficiency

Because the need for speed is critical, Dickten Masch Plastics works with you to develop the most efficient program possible for your product.

Beginning with a firm commitment to and record of success in Lean manufacturing—our CEO himself is a quality engineer and Lean practitioner—we tailor our efficiency efforts to meet the unique needs of each customer.

We’re relentless in our quest to take costs and time out of the product cycle through innovation, creativity and critical thinking. That may mean on-site Kanban drills. It could involve value stream mapping exercises. You may find that having us create complete assemblies for you is the most efficient answer.

Meanwhile, in production, we’re taking full advantage of a variety of advanced Lean-friendly technologies. These include RJG, eDart and dielectric cure sensing process monitoring, as well as our IQMS system, which gives us up-to-the-second control of nearly everything happening on the shop floor.

Whatever your application requires for maximum efficiency, count on our comprehensive experience and ISO / TS 16949:2009 certified expertise to deliver the speed you need.

Quality Above & Beyond

Top quality is a standard prerequisite for today’s manufacturers.

But at Dickten Masch Plastics, we’re never satisfied with standard. ISO / TS 16949:2009 and ISO 9001:2008 certifications are just the beginning of this commitment. As a custom molder and Tier One supplier, we can create quality reports tailored exactly to your requirements, from PPAP to first article. We’re determined to apply our expertise, and every technological tool at our disposal, to deliver quality beyond your expectations. A few of the ways we do that:

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) allows us to simulate and analyze structural, tooling and processing factors, resulting in optimized part designs.
  • Our Moldflow® certified engineers use software simulations to evaluate part and mold designs for potential issues or areas of concern before they arise.
  • Structural part analysis using Pro/Mechanica® software simulates mechanical performance and helps us optimize design variables.
  • Our scientific molding approach ensures the most repeatable, accurate process for your project.
  • Custom application testing to support part development through production.

What can we do to optimize the quality of your product? Let’s discuss your application today.

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ISO TS 16949-2009 DMP Nashotah WI (Exp. 9/14/2018)

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DMP ISO 9001-2008 Plants 1 and 2 (Exp. 9/14/2018)

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ISO 14001-2004 DMP Nashotah WI Plant 2 (Exp. 3/8/2018)

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DMP Ankeny ISO 9001_2008 (Exp. 9/14/2018)

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ISO 14001-2004 DMP Monterrey MX (Exp. 9/14/2018)

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DMP Monterrey ISO 9001-2008 (Exp. 9/14/2018)

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ISO TS 16949-2009 DMP Monterrey MX (Exp. 11/14/2016)

Repeatability & Consistency

Want more consistent quality, and less downtime?

You need a molding process that’s consistent and repeatable, no matter the press or other technological variables.

At Dickten Masch Plastics, we do that by paying close attention to the material, not the machine, in our thermoplastic and thermoset processes. From that perspective, we develop a robust part and tooling design, select the ideal material and closely monitor (via state-of-the-art sensors and software) the material’s experience throughout production.

Applying scientific molding and related methods, we remove the guesswork from an incredibly complex discipline. The results include fewer defects overall and a more predictable, controlled process than you may have ever thought possible.

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