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Applying Broader Perspective, Executing Flawlessly and Cost-Effectively

In today’s global economy, many seek a comprehensive supplier – one you can count on to tackle your toughest challenges and execute every aspect flawlessly and cost-effectively.

That’s the advantage you gain every day by working with DMP.

Advanced thermoplastic and thermoset molding is just the beginning of the value we bring to your operation. When you turn to us, you gain a full supply chain partner dedicated to continuous improvement and determined to grow with your needs, wherever you do business. Working directly with our accomplished engineers and seasoned professionals, you benefit from the expertise and dedication it takes to understand, anticipate and solve some of today’s most complex manufacturing puzzles.

Our select customer base turns to us for broad perspective, wide-ranging capabilities, expanding global reach and fierce commitment that help consolidate the supply chain and make the best products possible. You can count on us to keep building on this holistic approach, making investments that expand our array of materials, processes, technologies and locations to meet your evolving needs.

DMP at a Glance

  • Thermoplastic and thermoset expertise
  • View all of our ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications
  • World-class materials analysis
  • High-quality in-house tooling
  • Scientific molding for maximum repeatability in plastics processing
  • Complex assemblies, including as a Tier 1 supplier for automotive/engine products such as dipsticks

Company Overview

Plastics Facilities in the U.S. and Mexico At Dickten Masch Plastics, our commitment is to deliver advantages throughout your value stream. We’re a full-service technical molder providing project management, high-quality tooling, engineering and design, comprehensive thermoplastic and thermoset molding processes and a wide variety of value-added manufacturing services. Our scientific molding approach enables maximum control of the most efficient process for your application. Meanwhile, electronic data interchange (EDI) capability keeps you in close contact with your products’ progress at all times. We’re part of the TECHNIPLAS® Group, a privately-held plastics-focused company, giving us the resources we need to evolve with our customers’ changing needs. Today, we have three plants to serve you, all certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Nashotah, Wisconsin – Headquarters

  • Thermoplastic presses – 40 to 725 tons
  • Thermoset injection presses – 55 to 310 tons
  • Thermoset compression/transfer presses – 75 to 800 tons
  • Engineering services
  • Materials analysis
  • Tooling and rapid prototyping
  • Metal stamping – Machines ranging from 60-150 tons
  • Assemblies

Ankeny, Iowa

  • Thermoplastic presses – 40 to 3,000 tons
  • Engineering services
  • Tooling services
  • Assembly

Monterrey, Mexico

  • See DMP Monterrey’s webpage

Seven Decades of Technical Solutions

75 anniversary logo

Since our founding in 1941 by Erich Dickten and Al Masch, two immigrant toolmakers with a commitment to service and quality, Dickten Masch Plastics has been advancing technical solutions to a diversified customer base in a variety of industries.

Originally a tooling shop, Dickten Masch Plastics began molding custom thermoset components for the small appliance and electrical industries in the 1950s. We expanded into thermoplastic molding in the following decade.

Today, through full-service facilities in Wisconsin, Iowa and Mexico, we combine our many decades of experience with wide-ranging technical expertise and proven project management skills to help customers make the best, most cost-effective products possible.

Safety and Sustainability Are Central to Our Mission


Dickten Masch Plastics values the resources that give us and our customers a competitive advantage.

No resource is more important in that equation than our human resources. That’s why we’re fiercely committed to the safety of our team throughout our facilities. We follow safety measures and documentation procedures to provide an environment where our talented people can shine.

In addition, we’re also deeply committed to proper stewardship of natural resources. This pursuit of sustainability is important not only because of rising consumer demand for environmental responsibility, but also because it’s vital to business growth. After all, goals such as minimizing scrap and waste are good for our planet—and for our bottom lines.

The Dickten Masch Plastics Vision and Mission: To develop and empower a passionate team to become the first choice in providing technical plastics solutions to the North American Market. Our lean enterprise will support the sustainability of our customers’ success and our planet.

Equipment at Dickten Masch Plastics

111 Thermoplastic Presses

  • 101 Horizontal (30-3000 ton)
  • 3 Dual Shot (200-450 ton)
  • 7 Vertical (125-500 ton)

23 Thermoset Presses

  • 11 Compression/Transfer (200-800 ton)
  • 12 Injection (55-310 ton)

4 Stamping Presses

  • 3 Vertical Brake (150 ton)
  • 1 C-frame Clutch/Brake (56 ton)

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